Reebok Studio Deck – Black and Red


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In a class of its own. The latest evolution of the classic Reebok Step, the Reebok Deck expands your workout options for both bodyweight and weighted training. Ideal for home cardio, strength, and toning workouts; the Deckā€™s three-position adjustment (incline, decline and flat) provides an adaptable platform to match your training regime. The reconfigurable Reebok Deck broadens your workout options for total home training; providing all the tools needed for limitless workouts.


  • One of the most versatile pieces of fitness equipmentĀ on the marketĀ designed with Ā more than 20 setup combinationsĀ and two heights to choose from (20 cm and 35 cm).
  • Set toĀ incline bench configurationĀ and integrate weights into your workout, you haveĀ an effective way to build upper body strengthĀ orĀ decline and attach resistance tubes for standing rows and abdominal crunches.
  • IncludesĀ aĀ convenient storage compartmentĀ for your workout accessories, such as dumbbells and resistance tubes to save on space the declutter your workout space.
  • Six integrated clipsĀ on each side of the Deck and under the feetĀ to attached resistance tubesĀ for numerous strength-based exercises. These can be used on either an incline or decline position, seated or standing.
  • The DeckĀ comes fully assembledĀ and ready to transform your workouts. Itā€™sĀ hard-wearing, water-resistant, lightweight, easy to transport and continues to define what a serious piece of fitness kit can do.


  • Included: 1 x Black and Red Reebok Deck (resistance tubes for illustration purposes only and available to purchase separately)
  • Max. load of 150 kg.
  • Shipping Weight: 13 Kg




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